You, Too, Can Pee Standing Up

Of course, all women have the ability to pee standing up. Millions are probably doing it in the shower as you read this. (You know that it happens). But few have the ability to do so without urinating all over their legs or feet. Or without having to completely remove their pants and underwear. Or […]

Giant Squid? I Don’t Think So

I took my younger brother and sister to see Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian this weekend. As a lover of the Museum of Natural History, I laughed along with the first movie, Night at the Museum, enough to be able to ignore its cheesier moments. Also a lover of the Smithsonian Museums, […]

Lunapads Contest Giveaway Ends in One Week!

Just a reminder to enter the Lunapads Contest Giveaway if you haven’t already – it ends in a week from today, on May 31st at 11:59 PM! it has ended! A winner will be announced by June 5, 2009! If you haven’t heard already, I’m giving away a Lunapads Sampler Pack (worth $25!) to the woman […]

Green Porno

I just started watching Isabella Rossellini’s Green Porno series on the Sundance Channel with my mom last night. Never vulgar, always adorable and incredibly informative – this is a brief series that you don’t want to miss. If you haven’t heard of it, Green Porno is a collection of approximately 2-minute-long films in which actress […]

A Day in the Life of a GTA

Many women dread getting a pelvic exam from their gynecologists just once a year. Ammre Ulrich has gotten 13 in one day. A medical marvel? Excruciating torture? Nope, just another day at work as a GTA. I had never even heard of GTAs before Ammre became one. In fact, the first words that came to mind […]

Transgender Girl

  Embedded video from CNN Video I’m going to try not to ruin this by saying too much, but, basically I think this is amazing. Please watch the video to see what I mean. I honestly believe that if all transgender people were given this opportunity – to live as who they really are from […]


Wow, Ammre has been providing a lot of Cephaloblog content for me lately. You’ll especially see what I mean next week. But I digress – of course, it was she who pointed me in the direction of this lovely 100% silicone tentacle from pictured above. Guess where it goes! I’ll give you a hint – […]

All Wrapped Up In This Cake!

Damn, I wish I had seen this cake before my Earthday-birthday last month, so I could have demanded it from my aspiring cake artist sister! I love that it’s fondant covered and very giant-squid-colored (aka red?). Now you’ve got a year head start, Kel! And as a side note, I am totally overwhelmed by the […]

Lunapads Contest Giveaway!!!

Lunapads has given me a wonderful opportunity: to hold a contest for Cephaloblog readers* to win one of their Sampler Packs (a $25 value)! If you’re already a reusable menstrual product user but haven’t experienced the comfort and reliability that is Lunapads; you’re already a Lunapads user but could use some more; or you’re new […]

DIY Reusable Pads

Just one more reason to love Lunapads: Not only do they make the best designed washable cloth pads on the market, they’re willing to share their secret. Last week on the Lunablog, Madeleine Shaw, one of the co-creators of Lunapads, made a post with detailed video instructions* on how to sew up your own reusable […]