The We Are the World 2 Disaster

While I’m no longer a big SNL fan because it’s just never as good as the cast you watched when YOU were in high school (for everyone, I know – but I had greats that are hard to compete with like Will Ferrell, Cheri Oteri and Molly Shannon), I thought this opening sketch from last night was pretty funny. Mostly because I agree with fake Quincy Jones’ (aka Keenan!) need to raise awareness about the “We Are the World 2 Disaster”.

I especially loved Kristen Wiig’s pretty dead-on impression of Gwen Stefani!

Baby #3 for Beatie

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It’s probably not surprising at all that people still take issue with Thomas Beatie, a transgender man with female reproductive organs, getting pregnant again.

Some online publications announcing Beatie’s third pregnancy call him a “man” in quotes. Others are adamant about calling him “her”.

My favorite is one of the comments on Right Pundit’s pretty derogatory anouncement of Beatie’s pregnancy:

“Who cares? If Sarah Palin is allowed to reproduce then anyone can.”

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When Squid Take Over

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Be ready to bow down to the tentacles before you when giant squid take over.

Just a little clarification – what the media have been referring to as “giant squid” the last several months are not actually squid of the genus architeuthis, but Humboldt squid, an unusually large species of squid that can grow up to 7 feet long and weigh up to 100 pounds. A squid of formidable size, and certainly large, but maybe not giant.

Anyway, Humboldt squid are once again storming the shores of the pacific coast, and have been doing so for almost half a year now. A quick search of one of my favorite (revived?) blogs,, confirms that this is not the first time this has happened!

The much feared squid, known as “red devils” among other nick names, are known for their carnivorous, predatory nature, which can be so vicious at times that they become cannibalistic.