Since I last updated this blog, I have bought my first house, left a great job, came back to an even better job, learned to roller skate, got involved with roller derby, broke my ankle, and started the process of (and still am) recovering from an ankle break. As you can see, I have found […]

The Triumphant and Tentacled Return of Cephaloblog

Cephaloblog is back and better than ever with a NEWLY REVAMPED posting schedule (as in, I WILL be posting). Every Sunday starting today, there will be a freshly inked (heh) post. So if you (used to) like what you read, come back for more, every week! To kick off my first week back, since probably […]

DIY Reusable Pads

Just one more reason to love Lunapads: Not only do they make the best designed washable cloth pads on the market, they’re willing to share their secret. Last week on the Lunablog, Madeleine Shaw, one of the co-creators of Lunapads, made a post with detailed video instructions* on how to sew up your own reusable […]

Spring Fever

First, thanks to Ammre for linking me to the wonderful cephalopod cartoon shown above. I not only love the style of the graphic, but I think the caption is hilarious.  Second, just a quick update since I have not made a post in awhile: 1) I DID get that red squid necklace that was sold […]

Giving Credit Where Credit’s Due

I just wanted to give a quick mention to the lovely and talented Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharkey, better known as Em & Lo, who have been very supportive of Cephaloblog the last couple of weeks. They’ve mentioned me in their blog roundups (aka Blog Snogs) twice now, and I can’t thank them enough. (Check […]