The We Are the World 2 Disaster

While I’m no longer a big SNL fan because it’s just never as good as the cast you watched when YOU were in high school (for everyone, I know – but I had greats that are hard to compete with like Will Ferrell, Cheri Oteri and Molly Shannon), I thought this opening sketch from last night was pretty funny. Mostly because I agree with fake Quincy Jones’ (aka Keenan!) need to raise awareness about the “We Are the World 2 Disaster”.

I especially loved Kristen Wiig’s pretty dead-on impression of Gwen Stefani!

4 thoughts on “The We Are the World 2 Disaster”

  1. I totally thought of you when we were watching last night when “Gwen” came up. Tim and I were also very impressed with the realness of Quincy. Lady Gaga… not so much.

  2. I know! I thought Keenan did a great job with Quincy, but Gaga was awful. The only way you knew it was “her” was because she was wearing something weird and had sunglasses on… otherwise, not!

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