Under Pressure

“Perhaps I’m being too tenacious but imagine 700 subtle messages a day. Alone they look harmless, but they build up pressure.” I read that in a Livejournal community called “Kiss My Ass Vogue“, posted by a user named devi42. First, I’ll address the fact that yes, I use Livejournal. I rarely ever post anything on […]

Thomas Beatie With Baby Susan

 And Susan’s little brother or sister riding sidecar!

Cunt: A Book Review

    I will never not be grateful for hormonal birth control and the fact that I can legally have my uterus sucked out with a man-made vacuuming device if I don’t want to be pregnant. Therefore, I am unlikely to start tracking my period with a lunar calendar (because I am currently on hormonal […]

Back to Beatie

I have to talk about the man who had a baby. This is why: I know it’s a little late in coming, but I’m really getting annoyed by all the “sick” and “weird” comments I hear when someone even dares to bring this topic up. A man had a baby. So what? This isn’t the […]


I used to always say that I hated talking and hearing about others’ or my own dreams. And I can honestly say now that I can’t figure out why I ever felt that way. Dreams are a significant part of my life, considering that I dream every night (once upon a time, I was shocked […]