Reusable Totes

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In honor of my upcoming Earth Day Birthday (April 22nd – T minus two hours!), I am making another eco-conscious post. This time, it’s about bringing your own reusable bags while shopping.

What’s really gotten me thinking about these totes, besides the fact that I just started using them regularly in the last few months, is that they’re popping up everywhere. On a shopping trip last week with my sister, I had not one, but two, thrown at me on my way out of Old Navy. You’ll hopefully experience the same if you have an ON card and get in there before April 30th. You can also buy one for $2 (overpriced, in my opinion – try to swing getting one for free!).

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“Fun with Cephalopods”

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My dear friend Julia sent me a link to this photo after, of course, seeing something squid related and thinking of me. But my favorite thing about this photo is that it is truly of cephalopods: there aren’t just squid in there, but octopus and cuttlefish too.

And that’s no surprise, because after checking out and her Etsy page, it’s apparent that Noadi’s creator/alter ego, Sheryl Westleigh, is a true cephalopod fan herself. She sculpts beautiful necklaces, earrings, hair sticks and more out of polymer clay.

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Giving Credit Where Credit’s Due

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I just wanted to give a quick mention to the lovely and talented Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharkey, better known as Em & Lo, who have been very supportive of Cephaloblog the last couple of weeks. They’ve mentioned me in their blog roundups (aka Blog Snogs) twice now, and I can’t thank them enough. (Check them out here and here!)

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May Your Cup Never Runneth Over (Part 2)


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Yesterday, I talked about some great eco-conscious reasons to make the switch from disposable menstrual products to menstrual cups. Today, I’ve got plenty of other reasons why switching to a cup is a great idea, even if you don’t give a fig about the enivornment. 

1) We’re in a recession! Why flush your hard-earned cash (or dwindling savings) down the toilet – literally? Buying a menstrual cup may cost more than buying a box of tampons, but think of how many more times you’ll have to buy that box of tampons in the next ten years. If you’re internet-savvy, you can find different brands of menstrual cups for as little as $20. That’s like four boxes of tampons – that will last you a decade.

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May Your Cup Never Runneth Over (Part 1)

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I think it’s time to talk about the cup. Yep, that’s right – the menstrual cup. The first time I ever publicly announced (aka published) my love of menstrual cups, I heeded a warning: “This is an article that men may want to steer clear of.”

Well really, that was a bull shit disclaimer that I had to include because I dared to discuss menstruation in a magazine for college students. You would have thought I was trying to talk about fellatio in a magazine aimed at kindergartners. I think that all men – especially men like Al Gore – should want to know about menstrual cups, too. Why? 


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