“Fun with Cephalopods”

Photo Courtesy of Noadi.net
Photo Courtesy of Noadi.net

My dear friend Julia sent me a link to this photo after, of course, seeing something squid related and thinking of me. But my favorite thing about this photo is that it is truly of cephalopods: there aren’t just squid in there, but octopus and cuttlefish too.

And that’s no surprise, because after checking out Noadi.net and her Etsy page, it’s apparent that Noadi’s creator/alter ego, Sheryl Westleigh, is a true cephalopod fan herself. She sculpts beautiful necklaces, earrings, hair sticks and more out of polymer clay.

My favorite piece of Noadi’s by far is of course this (“giant squid colored” – aka red) squid necklace. 


Photo Courtesy of Noadi.net
Photo Courtesy of Noadi.net

My birthday just happens to be next week (on Earth Day – April 22nd, if you didn’t know), so if anyone needs any last minute gift ideas, I would happily accept some squid jewelry! Of course, my favorite design is unfortunately sold out (I’m hoping because someone already bought it for me – a girl can dream, can’t she?!), but I will gladly accept any of Noadi’s designs with open arms, so please, don’t let that stop you.

All right, shameless begging for birthday presents over. 

I just couldn’t resist sharing the work of another cephalopod-lover. Judging from her website, Noadi seems to be a very talented artist, whether she’s sculpting squid or baby rats. 

Thanks again to Julia for bringing this cephalopod art to my attention!

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