Spring Fever

Image Courtesy of ScaredOfBees.com
Image Courtesy of ScaredOfBees.com

First, thanks to Ammre for linking me to the wonderful cephalopod cartoon shown above. I not only love the style of the graphic, but I think the caption is hilarious. 

Second, just a quick update since I have not made a post in awhile:

1) I DID get that red squid necklace that was sold out for my birthday – can you believe it?! Thanks again to Noadi for her great cephalopod designs!

2) I’ve been carrying a folded reusable tote in my purse (which, let’s be honest, could probably function as a reusable tote on it’s own, it’s so big) and using it instead of plastic bags when I shop anywhere.

3) It’s been NICE OUT – which is the main reason I have not been updating Cephaloblog. I’ve got spring fever, which in my neck of the woods can be dangerous, because there is always the threat of a winter storm right up until June.

That being said, I’ve got a bunch of half-finished posts just waiting to be published, so look forward to regular updates for the next few weeks!

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