Since I last updated this blog, I have bought my first house, left a great job, came back to an even better job, learned to roller skate, got involved with roller derby, broke my ankle, and started the process of (and still am) recovering from an ankle break. As you can see, I have found […]

Why Cephalobloggers Use Reusable Menstrual Products

The results are in: Cephaloblog readers like reusable menstrual products because they are comfortable and convenient. First, thank you to everyone who entered – I love hearing why women are interested in reusable menstrual methods and the response always impresses me. I have randomly selected five winners and emailed them asking for their mailing addresses. […]

Greenblooded Contest Ends in One Week!

Don’t forget! You only have until Saturday, January 23rd to enter to win a copy of Cathy Leamy’s awesome comic Greenblooded: An Introduction to Eco-Friendly Feminine Hygiene. All it takes is one word and your age to enter! See official contest rules here. Contest is over! Winners will be selected 01/24/10.

Win a Copy of Greenblooded!

Don’t feel like shelling out a mere $2 to score a totally cute, funny and informative comic on eco-friendly solutions for that time of the month? Then win one for free!!! All you have to do is: Comment on this blog post with a one-word reason for why you’re interested in, considering switching to, or […]

New Year, Green Blood

I’m very lucky that I have a sister that doesn’t care that I blog about her (Kel: “Whatever. None of my friends read your dumb* blog.”). Because of this, I get to relay the very exciting news that, on the last day of this past decade,  my little baby sister got her very first period!!! […]

What. The. Hell.

So, if you’ve even breathed next to me in the past week, you’ve probably had the pleasure of hearing how unhappy I am with the new breast and cervical cancer screening guidelines issued by the US Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) and  American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) in the past week. The new breast […]

Foregoing the Period

Look, I believe that women should revel in, appreciate, and never, ever be scared of or disgusted by their periods just as much as the next hairy feminist. I think the things I’ve written advocating the use of reusable menstrual products attest to that. However, do I feel that life without my period would be […]

We Have a Winner!!!

Congratulations to Jeanna for winning the Lunapads Contest Giveaway! Jeanna, please check your inbox for an email from me asking for your shipping info and fabric choice for your Sampler Pack! Everyone else who entered, please check your inbox for a small consolation prize from Lunapads! Let me tell you, you ladies did not make […]

You, Too, Can Pee Standing Up

Of course, all women have the ability to pee standing up. Millions are probably doing it in the shower as you read this. (You know that it happens). But few have the ability to do so without urinating all over their legs or feet. Or without having to completely remove their pants and underwear. Or […]

Lunapads Contest Giveaway Ends in One Week!

Just a reminder to enter the Lunapads Contest Giveaway if you haven’t already – it ends in a week from today, on May 31st at 11:59 PM! it has ended! A winner will be announced by June 5, 2009! If you haven’t heard already, I’m giving away a Lunapads Sampler Pack (worth $25!) to the woman […]