Nemo Whisk

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Photo Courtesy of

My friend Kat sent this to me. Ironically, I am reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea for the first time right now.
I would definitely like to get one of these in the future, despite the fact that I think $25 is an obscene amount of money for a whisk. I think I like #5 the best.
But I have to admit, it really bothers me that these squid whisks only have 8 arms. Squid have 10 (well, technically, 8 arms and 2 tentacles).

When I Became a Feminist

Recently at a job interview, I was asked how someone my age got into feminism. This wasn’t a weird question, based on the writing samples included in my portfolio that I brought to the interview, but still, I hesitated in answering.

There are plenty of non-personal answers to that question, one being, “Why wouldn’t someone my age be a feminist?”. Another, “Why wouldn’t any woman or smart man be ‘into feminism’?”

But the reason I hesitated is because I had to think about it. After pondering for a moment, I replied with a rambling answer about how my developing interest in women’s and sexual health issues naturally lead to an interest in feminism, concluding with a personal experience regarding my mother that I needn’t be coy about as it’s been published both in print and online for over a year now, but for discretion’s sake, I will.

I think this went over pretty well – it felt like a comfortable and accepted response to a rather unorthodox question for a job interview.

But, after the interview, I realized I was lying.

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