Photo Courtesy of BigThings.ca
Photo Courtesy of BigThings.ca

I used to always say that I hated talking and hearing about others’ or my own dreams. And I can honestly say now that I can’t figure out why I ever felt that way.

Dreams are a significant part of my life, considering that I dream every night (once upon a time, I was shocked to learn that not everyone does – it was inconceivable to a nightly dreamer like myself). This might be weird, but I can track my past through reoccurring dreams (and I’m talking dreams here, not aspirations… you know, the fucked up stuff that happens in your head when you sleep at night).

I have one reoccuring dream that I can date back to when my biological parents (I know this is a weird phrasing… I am not adopted, it’s just that I consider my stepparents my parents as well, and I’m not sure how to make the distinction) were still together… and I was four when they split up.

├é┬áSeveral dreams that I’ve had have been pivotal in my waking life. I’ve had dreams regarding faith, or deceased loved ones, or the future, that have shaken me to my core upon waking up.

For about two years, while I was in college, I had a reoccurring dream in which my mom and I ended up driving into a lake. The dream always ended with my panicked mother not listening to me as I frantically yelled, “Roll the window down! Roll the window down!” so we could escape.

One time, this dream affected me so deeply that I woke up and immediately called my mother to see if she was okay (at 7 A.M. on Valentine’s Day, weirdly enough). In talking to her, I discovered that she never knew that if your car ends up sinking into a body of water, you should brake or roll down the window to release the pressure in the car so that you can open the door and escape.

I had this dream once more, after that conversation with my mother. It started out the same, and we ended up in the lake, but this time we escaped, after she rolled down the window.

A giant squid happened to pass by as I swam to the surface of the lake, but that happens to me a lot. Squid often frequent my dreams, whether in a starring roll or just a guest appearance. Trust me, I know that this is odd. I’ve got ten tentacles entwined in my brain all day (and all night) long.

So, with this realization, I have decided to make a “Dreams” category for Cephaloblog. I just think and talk (and dream) about dreams too often to not bring them up once in awhile. Especially because a dream I had recently has fueled another creative aspect of my life – to be discussed in another post, coming soon!

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