Baby #3 for Beatie

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It’s probably not surprising at all that people still take issue with Thomas Beatie, a transgender man with female reproductive organs, getting pregnant again.

Some online publications announcing Beatie’s third pregnancy call him a “man” in quotes. Others are adamant about calling him “her”.

My favorite is one of the comments on Right Pundit’s pretty derogatory anouncement of Beatie’s pregnancy:

“Who cares? If Sarah Palin is allowed to reproduce then anyone can.”

Some people might think it’s a little much for a man to have one baby, let alone three. No doubt, Beatie is reproducing at record speeds (daughter Susan, born in June 2008, will be two this year, and his son, born in June 2009, will be one), but does it make sense? Of course.

Beatie has shown with the birth of this first child than he can successfully produce a beautiful, healthy baby through an uneventful pregancy. If he and his wife Nancy desire three (or more) children, why not have them as quickly as possible while Beatie is still off his normal hormone regimen? When Beatie and his wife are finished creating their happy family, he can resume his life as a socially acceptable (i.e. not pregnant) man and they will look and function just like any other normal family in Oregon.

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I wish Beatie and others who have followed in his example, like California’s Scott Moore (due any day now!), the best of luck with their pregnancies. Do I think their children and future children-to-be are lucky to have them as parents? Hell yes I do.

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