Transgender Girl


I’m going to try not to ruin this by saying too much, but, basically I think this is amazing. Please watch the video to see what I mean.

I honestly believe that if all transgender people were given this opportunity – to live as who they really are from the youngest age possible – not only would society have less of a problem with it, but they would endure so much less pain, depression and struggle for acceptance (because people would know them as who they really are for a much longer period of time).

I think it is awesome how incredibly supportive her parents are. I realize that it must have been a very hard choice for them to make, to allow their daughter to live as she is, and they probably face opposition to their decision every day.

I only wonder if hormone replacement therapy or sexual reassignment surgery will be done at an earlier age (if she chooses to do either)? Will they be more/less effective before/during puberty? Will it result in a smoother transition, physically?

I don’t want to get all John Money crazy here and start changing a baby’s biological sex before the age of one (PLEASE read As Nature Made Him), but I do think if a child is old enough to tell you, repeatedly, that wish they were the opposite sex, or that they are a different gender “inside”, then they should be able to transition.

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