Lunapads Contest Giveaway!!!

You could win this Sampler Pack!!! Photo Courtesy of
You could win this Sampler Pack!!! Photo Courtesy of

Lunapads has given me a wonderful opportunity: to hold a contest for Cephaloblog readers* to win one of their Sampler Packs (a $25 value)!

If you’re already a reusable menstrual product user but haven’t experienced the comfort and reliability that is Lunapads; you’re already a Lunapads user but could use some more; or you’re new to reusable pads altogether, enter to win this contest!

Sampler Packs include a little bit of everything to get you started with Lunapads – one maxi pad, one maxi liner, one maxi wing liner, and one mini pantyliner – in a color/pattern of your choice! Be sure to check out Lunapads’ fabric swatches so that you can pick your favorite if you win (I recently got my sister a set in the Cupcakes pattern, because she’s a baker – too cute!).

Here’s how to enter:

1) Leave a comment on this post telling me why you want to switch to reusable menstrual products; or, if you already use reusable products, why you think women should switch to reusable methods. 

2) Be sure to include a valid email address with your post, so that I can let you know that you won and get your shipping address and fabric choice.

The best comment wins!!! A consolation prize will be awarded to all who enter (and provide a valid email address with their comment)!

The Lunapads Contest Giveaway IS OFFICIALLY OVER! Entries are being evaluated and a winner will be announced by June 5, 2009.

* Female readers, that is. This contest is open to any and all women, worldwide, so please feel free to share the link to this post with anyone. However, if a male reader comments and is able to make a great case for why his female significant other, mother, sister or daughter should switch to/continue to use reusable products (and will promise to give the Sampler Pack to the woman in question), I won’t discount his entry!

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  1. Pretty, economical, environmentally respectful, better for your health….I’m not talking about a car or a new exercise bike…cloth pads are all this and more.

    Cloth Pads are something that I wish I had discovered a long time ago. I’ve always hated throwing the disposables in the bin for envoronmental reasons, and didn’t know that cloth pads exsisted until recently. It was only when I discovered cloth pads that I realised I was allergic to disposables as well. The itching, the rash, the feeling of ‘I can’t wait to take it off’ that I assumed was ‘normal’ during your period, I discovered was not. Ignorance is frigtening sometimes.

    All these symptoms disappeared when I made the switch. Now I have to stop myself from telling people on the bus about cloth pads…I want everyone to try them!

    My original issue with disposables has been dealt with too. To think that they take 100s of years to break down is horrifying. I do not want my great great great grandchildren to see my or anyone elses menstrual products floating in the sea one day.

    The bonus to cloth pads is that they are so soft on the skin and pretty too.

  2. I really think as a responsible person you would switch over to reuseables if at all possible. It is disgusting thinking about all those bloody pads out there waiting to break down along with the diapers full of crap, not only a health hazard but enviormentally for the air not very good either. Ok I know I am not too subtle but when there is a choice for us to make a little difference and in the long run, saves alot of money on disposables why not. No I have not embraced my gift which is actually a punishment from God for biting the apple but we have it and we need to deal with it..these look comfortable and a great way to make the wonderful haha time of the month less of a pain in the …. thanks

  3. I discovered menstrual cups a year ago, and I can’t believe I didn’t know about them sooner! The idea of stray tampon fibers sticking to my vaginal walls swayed me from tampons, but pads weren’t much of a better option. I still had to contend with “(diaper) pad rash” and a constant fear of spotting if I happened to SIT the wrong way — and forget being able to dance at that time of month! A cup has removed all of those concerns for me, and it’s better for the environment, to boot (it always makes me cringe a little to see my roommates’ piles of used sanitary products in the bathroom trashcan). Still, I feel better having some kind of backup protection for those heavier days, and I’ve been wanting to start using Lunapads, but they’re a bit of a steep investment on a student budget. I just have to remember that it’ll be worth it in the end…and besides, then I won’t have to worry about running out of pads and needing to ask around for an extra one. When a woman’s spending 90% of her time in the Physics building, that can be a pretty difficult task!

  4. I have been using a “Keeper” cup since I spent some time working in Africa 8 years ago, and am looking forward to using cloth pads after the birth of my first child in June. I am totally sold on my cup and never considered using cloth pads – until someone told me (AFTER I got pregnant) that you bleed for up to a month after giving birth. Then I decided, as much as I like my cup, I am *not* interested in using it right after giving birth. So I am both an experienced “reusables” user and a soon-to-be newbie.

    My reasons are as follows, in the categories of convenience, making good economic sense, environmental sense, and general “good for you” reasons (whether healthy, comfortable, empowering, or feel-good reasons):

    If using pads, just do your laundry regularly (heck, you have to wear clean clothes anyway, right?) and you will never worry about running out.
    If using cups – you don’t have to pack a “stash” when you go out. Plus, they couldn’t be easier to clean: just rinse with water, and use soap if it’s available.
    No worries about “where can I dispose of my tampon/pad discreetly” – this is a concern especially if you travel in third world countries.

    Economically sound
    Reusable products are less expensive. (Since buying my Keeper cup I have spent $0 on menstrual products in the past 8 years, I figure a savings of at least $500). Pre-made pads are pricey to start out, but if you can sew a little, you can make quite a few for just $10 or $20.

    Environmentally sound
    Reusable menstrual products create (practically) no waste – pads will biodegrade once they’re worn out; cups last 10 years to my understanding, so that’s very little non-biodegradable material.
    Reduce, reuse, and recycle: You can “reduce” the amount of stuff you buy (and the amount of energy & materials used to produce it) and “reuse” what you have. I suppose cups may even be recyclable once they are too old to be useful. (Can anyone confirm or deny this?)

    Healthy/Comfortable/”Good for you”
    With cups, you can’t feel them once they’re in; with pads you don’t get adhesive stuck to your hair; that was my pet peeve with disposable pads.
    There are no bizarre chemicals next to your sensitive parts.
    Pads can be pretty, and that makes you feel good during a time of the month which can get you feeling kind of down.
    Using reusable products elevates women from being mere “consumers” to being responsible managers of their health, environment, and finances.

  5. I use cloth pads, and I recently had to use a disposable pad when my flow started unexpectedly. I’ve heard all the arguments on both sides–from oh, reusing a pad is gross, there’s blood everywhere, it’s unsanitary to this is how our grandmothers lived, there’s less waste, there aren’t any chemicals so it’s more hygienic.

    Here’s the deal. I choose cloth pads for one reason and one reason only–they feel nicer on my crotch! I mean, really, who hasn’t had one of those wings on the disposable pads get slightly out of place and take out a handful of hair? That hurts! And really, if you’re going to sit on something all day, wouldn’t you rather it be soft cloth instead of plastic and whatever else the disposable pads are made out of?

    Yes, cloth pads are better for the environment, and I’m glad that I’m making a greener choice, but that’s all gravy. In the end, it’s about my crotch and how I feel, and if I can make things comfier during that time of the month, I’m all for it!

  6. If you are one of those women who, like me, absolutely DREADS being caught unprepared, then you must consider using a cup (I’ve used a DivaCup for almost a year). I can’t tell you what it means to no longer be constantly stuffing my purse with tampons and praying not to run out (or cursing all the room they took up). And no more being caught in the bathroom without my purse because I didn’t think it was time to change yet – though I could somehow never manage to pee with a tampon in – very inconvenient when I’d get that urge an hour after I’d changed it! – and never again will I be caught without when my period starts early! (I’m also very grateful to think of everything I won’t have to pack or buy if I ever do major traveling.)

    I also love not having to ask someone to go and buy tampons (I don’t drive), and not throwing away dozens of products every month (or having to wonder where to throw them out when there’s nowhere readily accessible). It makes me feel happy to do my bit for the planet that way, and really, it’s one of the best green choices you can make! It also feels better – disposable pads always felt icky, tampons gave me infections and dried me out, and both leaked horribly. My Diva, on the other hand, very rarely leaks, and never after the first couple days. (Actually, after my couple of heavy days, I’ve been known to just leave it in there the whole rest of the period and almost forget it’s there!) It’s also nice to know that I can fool around with my boyfriend during that time with minimal chance of incident. And because I’m something of a hypochondriac, I worried CONSTANTLY about the TSS risk with tampons – what a relief to be free of that burden!

    And I feel better not supporting an industry that’s built itself on telling us that our natural biological processes are disgusting … they’re not! I feel better about myself and the natural way my body works (even moreso than I always did) now that I’m not being grossed out by my choice of products! Putting attitude aside, all of the unknown stuff they put into disposable products is not something I would ever advocate near any part, much less the most physically and chemically sensitive. I know that my body is happier with me for the choice I’ve made. And so is my wallet – I’ve been fortunate in never having to pay for my old products, but I’m very happy to know that I will never be saddled with that ongoing expense.

    In summary – more convenient. Cheaper. Safer. Saner. Better for you AND the world. (Comes complete with Good Feelings and Self Image Boost.)

  7. I haven’t yet had the chance of trying cloth pads. I live with my parents and they simply wouldn’t be allowed to be cleaned in our washer or soaked anywhere in the house. But I am moving away soon, and I thought, what better time to change my habits? I can leave behind my disposables with the rest of my parents incredibly controlling rules. (Imagine being 18 and ‘not allowed’ to get your driver’s license yet, and having no way of going behind their backs to get it.)

    The main thing that got me interested in cloth pads long enough to get past my initial disgust was that they are women-owned small businesses. Well, that’s not entirely true, first it was the aromatherapy PMS and cramp relief oils that Many Moons and Luna Pads have, (though I still haven’t had the chance to sample either of their versions.) But, a large portion of what I buy comes from small women-owned companies devoted to all-natural, high-quality products. Soap, makeup, hairdye, clothes. I fall for the ‘romance’ of the woman carefully making a product the best it can be, supporting herself with what she earns, and stay because what I’m wearing or using is healthier for me, the environment, and just performs its duties better than what you buy in regular stores. It makes sense that the next step would be menstrual products.

    If only I weren’t financially dependent on parents who have been allowing me less and less money, (not their fault, it’s the economy,) and have made it extremely difficult for me to get a job, (due to location and transportation limitations.) Any money I do get is put towards moving, there’s none left to invest in cloth pads, even knowing they will save me money in the long term.

    In short: Help my ‘run for freedom’ be with the comfort of cute pads that can stay with me wherever I go!

  8. I’d like to switch for a couple of reasons. The disposables are not only landfill-fodder, but they’re nasty. I don’t like the sticky bits that stick where they shouldn’t (ouch!) and don’t stick where they should! I don’t like the way they don’t ‘breathe’. I don’t like the feel of them in my clothing, or the way you can kinda see them from the outside if you wear the ‘wrong’ thing while using them. I feel like a big jerk throwing away the backing and the pad after a couple hours, it seems such a waste. So reuseable pads must be the way to go! I’ve heard of Lunapads but never tried them.
    ebickell (aT) hotmail (dot) com

  9. I have just started using cloth pads part time and I wish that I had more so I could use them full time!! I love how comfortable they are and they don’t irritate the way disposable pads do. I live in AZ and they are cooler in the heat! I finally decided to give it try 2 months ago after I realized that I cloth diaper my baby, why not use cloth myself – DUH! 😀 I guess my reasons for using cloth pads are pretty much the same reasons that I use cloth diapers on my babies….To save money, For my health (no nasty chemicals) and for the environment, plus they are way cuter than disposables :D!

  10. I once opened the toilet lid to find a liner swimming in the bowl! My friend, who was staying with me at the time, was embarassed as she had forgotten to flush. I asked her if she was aware that the liner would go straight into the water that was reprocessed into drinking water in our neck of the woods – I felt very smug and eco conscious then, but completely overlooked until now that MY pantyliners end up in landfill, and are a total waste of material, one wear and off they go. I think it’s great that Lunapad offer a How-To for every woman to make reusable pads yourself, although I have to agree, their ones for sale look a lot nicer, less bulky and more comfy to wear. Would love to win to start my collection! Maybe I could even persuade an Australian vendor to sell them and spread the love – I think if these had more of a presence in shops, people would love to buy them. Such a great way to come out of the woods and celebrate your period every month as a sign of a) being a woman, b) having a healthy body in great working order, and c) a reminder that we have the power to create, instead of feeling like you have to hide in a cave.

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