A Day in the Life of a GTA

Many women dread getting a pelvic exam from their gynecologists just once a year. Ammre Ulrich has gotten 13 in one day. A medical marvel? Excruciating torture? Nope, just another day at work as a GTA. I had never even heard of GTAs before Ammre became one. In fact, the first words that came to mind […]

Lunapads Contest Giveaway!!!

Lunapads has given me a wonderful opportunity: to hold a contest for Cephaloblog readers* to win one of their Sampler Packs (a $25 value)! If you’re already a reusable menstrual product user but haven’t experienced the comfort and reliability that is Lunapads; you’re already a Lunapads user but could use some more; or you’re new […]

DIY Reusable Pads

Just one more reason to love Lunapads: Not only do they make the best designed washable cloth pads on the market, they’re willing to share their secret. Last week on the Lunablog, Madeleine Shaw, one of the co-creators of Lunapads, made a post with detailed video instructions* on how to sew up your own reusable […]

Would You Like Some Syrup With Your Uterus?

I am currently reading a really amazing book that I bought as a present for my sister but have yet to give her (oops, hi Kel, hope you’re not reading this!): My Little Red Book. My Little Red Book is a collection of stories from a whole range of different women about getting their first […]

May Your Cup Never Runneth Over (Part 2)

  Yesterday, I talked about some great eco-conscious reasons to make the switch from disposable menstrual products to menstrual cups. Today, I’ve got plenty of other reasons why switching to a cup is a great idea, even if you don’t give a fig about the enivornment.  1) We’re in a recession! Why flush your hard-earned […]

May Your Cup Never Runneth Over (Part 1)

I think it’s time to talk about the cup. Yep, that’s right – the menstrual cup. The first time I ever publicly announced (aka published) my love of menstrual cups, I heeded a warning: “This is an article that men may want to steer clear of.” Well really, that was a bull shit disclaimer that […]

Cunt: A Book Review

    I will never not be grateful for hormonal birth control and the fact that I can legally have my uterus sucked out with a man-made vacuuming device if I don’t want to be pregnant. Therefore, I am unlikely to start tracking my period with a lunar calendar (because I am currently on hormonal […]