Why Cephalobloggers Use Reusable Menstrual Products

The results are in: Cephaloblog readers like reusable menstrual products because they are comfortable and convenient.

First, thank you to everyone who entered – I love hearing why women are interested in reusable menstrual methods and the response always impresses me. I have randomly selected five winners and emailed them asking for their mailing addresses. If you entered but did not win, I hope you consider purchasing Greenblooded yourself (for a mere $2, why not?!) – and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Because you ladies ended up being so creative with your one-word answers (which I loved, really), I wasn’t able to offer a list of top 10 reasons, as planned. Instead, I broke down your answers into six basic categories: Comfort, Convenience, Cost, Empowerment, Environment, Health and then an additional Other category to cover answers that couldn’t quite be labeled.

Other answers included, “Adventurousness”, “Bullshit”, “Shalom” and “Understanding”.

As far as age range goes, 35 women from 14 to 33 entered this contest and gave one-word reasons for their interest in reusable methods. See results by age after the jump!

Women aged 14-19 were equally concerned about Comfort, the Environment and their Health.

Women aged 20-24 were most focused on Comfort, Convenience and Empowerment, with many answers landing in Other territory.

Women aged 25-29 were most interested in Convenience, with an equal focus on Health, Comfort and the Environment. Surprisingly, only one out of 35 women listed Cost as a reason for ditching the disposables.

Women aged 30-33 were most concerned with Comfort.

Thanks again to everyone who entered, including those whose answers I didn’t use in my very unscientific study (out of fairness to those who did follow the rules, I did not count answers that did not include their age or an age range, or those that were more than one word). As I said, I really enjoy reading women’s answers for why they want to or have switched, because I was once a woman on the fence between disposables and reusables myself, and it’s interesting to see how many of you share the same reasons I did when making that decision! So thanks a whole bloody lot for sharing!

I will be traveling next week, so there will be no post on Sunday the 31st. See you in February!

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