Lunapads Contest Giveaway!!!

You could win this Sampler Pack!!! Photo Courtesy of
You could win this Sampler Pack!!! Photo Courtesy of

Lunapads has given me a wonderful opportunity: to hold a contest for Cephaloblog readers* to win one of their Sampler Packs (a $25 value)!

If you’re already a reusable menstrual product user but haven’t experienced the comfort and reliability that is Lunapads; you’re already a Lunapads user but could use some more; or you’re new to reusable pads altogether, enter to win this contest!

Sampler Packs include a little bit of everything to get you started with Lunapads – one maxi pad, one maxi liner, one maxi wing liner, and one mini pantyliner – in a color/pattern of your choice! Be sure to check out Lunapads’ fabric swatches so that you can pick your favorite if you win (I recently got my sister a set in the Cupcakes pattern, because she’s a baker – too cute!).

Here’s how to enter:

1) Leave a comment on this post telling me why you want to switch to reusable menstrual products; or, if you already use reusable products, why you think women should switch to reusable methods. 

2) Be sure to include a valid email address with your post, so that I can let you know that you won and get your shipping address and fabric choice.

The best comment wins!!! A consolation prize will be awarded to all who enter (and provide a valid email address with their comment)!

The Lunapads Contest Giveaway IS OFFICIALLY OVER! Entries are being evaluated and a winner will be announced by June 5, 2009.

* Female readers, that is. This contest is open to any and all women, worldwide, so please feel free to share the link to this post with anyone. However, if a male reader comments and is able to make a great case for why his female significant other, mother, sister or daughter should switch to/continue to use reusable products (and will promise to give the Sampler Pack to the woman in question), I won’t discount his entry!

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  1. I have changed to a more green lifestyle by recycling, reusing and reducing at my home. I have changed products to companies that are more and have stopped using products which will not decompose.

    So I am ready to try Lunapads. If you asked me two years ago if I would, I would say no way. Now I see that this is just one more way to do my part. Plus, if I had a stash of these, I wouldn’t have to run out to the drugstore to get disposable supplies.

  2. I think women should switch because not only is it great for the environment, but it is also better for their bodies! I am a twenty-something lady who has severe Endometriosis and I’ve been using a cup for awhile now and have noticed a huge difference in the way my body is around my period.

    I haven’t yet tried the pads, but just haven’t had the funds to do so. I’m a full time college student, working as a nanny and preparing to start teaching pre-school.

    Really, though, if you haven’t tried re-usable menstrual products — do it! I am so much more happier and so much more in love with my body since I have started, and that, to me, is the best thing I could have ever asked for.

  3. I want to use reusable menstrual products because not only will it save me money in the long run, but it’ll help the environment. Disposable pads/tampons take up space in landfills and are not good for the environment.


  4. I already use a Diva cup for my heavy flow days (not that I have them much, now that I have an IUD…) and I feel so much better not putting things inside of me that can turn into little particles of ick that can just hang out in my vag. I do still use disposable pantyliners because I haven’t bitten the bullet and gotten cloth pads for my spotting days. It’s great to be in touch with your body, and not putting chemicals next to my hoo-ha 🙂 (Hoo ha is a hilarious term, btw.)

  5. I want to go all out reusable because it is so much more comfortable! I use my homemade pads (i’m 18 and don’t have much sewing experience so you can probably imagine what they might look like 🙂 ) at night because i can’t stand to think i’m holding chemicals that close to me for all that time. I also want to go reusable because, i’m not gonna lie, i’ve always wanted to be a mom and more and more info is coming out that says a lot of chemicals we put on our bodies or come in contact with are somehow affecting our reproductive system in a negative way. Who knows what the stuff on the commercial pads does? Not happy. I’m all for going reusable and putting disposables where they belong – in the trash! (Except for that eventually it would be really nice to cut down on trash which is why some of us go reusable, but i’m for chucking what we already have or giving it to a shelter. They could use it).

  6. I want to go reusable because it just seems like the most logical thing to do. It’s healthier, cleaner, more economical, and more environmentally friendly. I don’t see why I wouldn’t want to switch. With reusables, you know that you are not putting bleached cotton with who knows how many chemicals in or near my nether regions. They are so much more cleaner because with cloth pads, they feel so much nicer and don’t make you feel wet and sticky, and with cups, you never have to deal with a bloody string or not having a place to put a used tampon ever again. They save you so much money in the long run, with only a very small down payment. And, they don’t fill the landfills up with tons of wasted cotton. Also, with reusables, the companies have you embrace the fact you are female. But with the disposable companies, they seem to have people think that a period is horrific, and is best to do as subtle as possible, and make the idea of a period as a curse. To put it simply, reusables are just the smarter idea. I hope that I will be able to switch to reusables as soon as possible!

  7. Its kind of ridiculous that it has taken me so long to convert to re-usable menstrual products… but in all honesty, I had never heard of reusable pads until less than a month ago! I have always said that when I have kids I will use fabric diapers because disposable diapers are so horrible for the environment. But I was never educated enough about my menstrual options to think I had any alternative to disposable pads and tampons! I am so excited to finally switch! And an added bonus is that I will no longer be using bleached products on or inside my body.

  8. I first found out about menstrual cups and thought it was amazing, It was hard to believe there was a better way to experience your period. Then, i stumbled upon a cloth pad community in livejournal and everything fell into place. Cloths pads! They are so wonderful! I think that every women should switch to reusable products, it may help your cramps and make you happy to get your monthly cycle as well as help the environment. Not just that but the money it saves in the long run is GREAT! (unless you’re like me and have to keep buying all the wonderful fun prints you see!) To me it’s a win-win type of thing, they are so comfortable to wear and have made me feel so much better unlike yucky disposables which contain harmful chemicals. I think if everyone tried it at least once they would experience what other cloth pad users do, they’d see how nice and more convenient they really are. Make the switch today and give cloth a try!

  9. All women should use reusable pads because they make you feel better about yourself. Not only are they more comfortable but they are cute. It is like having a little surprise in your underwear. Every woman bleeds differentlt and cloth pads have saved my underwear. I’m able to find long pads that are not thick because that is what I need.

    The only woman I have known to look forward to their periods are the ones that use cloth.

  10. I want to go reusable because I’m a busy busy pediatrics intern, and I don’t always get to empty my cup in time. I hate to wear a disposable pad “just in case” but a cloth pad would solve that issue without making me feel ultra-wasteful. It would also be great to never run out of pads – when I come home and am ultra-tired after being at the hospital on call for >24 hours, the last thing I want to have to do is run to the store to buy more pads. Not to mention, fewer disposables = less trash for me to take out. 😉 See how this is all about making the tired intern’s life a little easier?

  11. All women everywhere should use cloth comfort! Not only does it save the environment, but it saves your girly parts from un-needed stress! All the chemicals and plastic don’t let your body breathe, resulting in increased infections and odor. The comfort factor – you won’t believe the comfort factor until you try it. So open your mind and your panties (pun intended) and try cloth not just for you, but for everyone else for the next thousand years!

  12. I think that it is a great idea to use reusable pads because:

    1. Some would think that it’s very expensive compared to disposable pads or tampons (I know I felt that way at first), but if you get several each time you get paid or whatever, you are saving SO much money! It really is an investment.

    2. Most of the people who make and sell them regularly are FANTASTIC at making them look as pretty as possible. I love my collection so far!

    3. It saves you from making constant trips to the store to restock on disposables.

    4. It’s FANTASTIC for the environment, not to mention great for your cooter because it feels better and isn’t as stinky.

    5. It is a great support for women today who make a living at home so that they can be with their children or be more independent altogether.

  13. I myself am currently transitioning from throw away pads to reusable. I and many others suffer from debilitating cramps every month. After using reusable pads I found that the pain as well as the strength of the flow decreased. Women have been conditioned to believe that our cycles are something to be ashamed of and hidden; that the idea of using reusables is a “hippie” mentality and that it is dirty. I obviously disagree with this mentality. Not only do reusables help our own bodies by keeping out harmful bleaches and additives but it helps the enviroment. If every other woman would make the switch can’t you imagine how much less would go into landfills? How much less plastic and other permanant waste would be produced from that single change?

    Beyond that, who doesn’t want a cute accesory to be enjoyed in private? It’s a small thing that helps make that time of the month just a little happier.

  14. I requested a free Lunapad awhile back, and I LOVE it. I think they’re better for the environment, and for myself. Since I only have one, I can’t use it for the whole time I get a period, but if I had more, I’d use it all the time. I’ve turned a few people onto them (and Diva Cups for the tampon users), and they all loved them.

    Even if I don’t win, this was a great way to promote cloth pads, and kudos to Lunapads for helping out!

  15. Using cloth pads is better not only for the environment, but for a woman’s own body. If working to make the world a more livable place begins with small, committed actions and with making the personal have far-reaching consequences, what better way can there be to start than by caring for your body the way that you want to care for the planet? Cloth pads are easy to use, comfortable, and much gentler both on the landfills and on a woman’s pocketbook.

  16. Until recently, the thought of reusable menstrual products creeped me out. There was no way I was going to deal with the “mess” of my blood. Far too gross. Or so I thought.

    Over the past year, I’ve developed an odd allergy to mainstream pads. I won’t go into detail, but believe me when I say it was horrifying. I tried all-natural, organic pads, but those weren’t suitable for my heavy flow. As a last ditch effort, I caved in and purchased a menstrual cup.

    I LOVE my cup. However, I still wanted something for back-up (just in case) and I still had the issue of the allergy. So, I knuckled down and tried a cloth pad.

    I loved the cloth, too! I only had 1 cloth pad, so had to rotate through my last cycle. I’m looking to start a stash of cloth ones.

    I think women should give serious thought to reusable menstrual products because of all of the unknown chemicals involved in mainstream products. It can not be good for a person’s body. Not to mention the length of time it takes for those pads and tampons to decompose.

    I just think it is more responsible for a woman to consider going reusable. Both for herself and for the environment.

  17. I switched to reusable cloths first out of curiousity. I was only using them part time- but then I realized that it was much more comfortable to use the cloth pads than the disposable ones.

    It’s a great way for women to reduce their waste- instead of throwing out a week’s worth of pads, all you have to do is wash and store them. You don’t need to worry about leaving the house to get more, because they’re already there.

  18. After successfully converting to cloth diapers, my family has been searching for other ways to be more “green”. I am buying different mama cloth to use when my cycles come back (I’m breast feeding right now), and am really excited to try luna pads. Thanks for doing this!!

  19. I would LOVE to try Lunapads. I’ve done all kinds of things to break my household of its garbage habit and reduce our paper and plastic trash output, including doing away with paper products like paper towels and disposable napkins, which I’ve replaced with cloth versions from up-cycled material.

    I have yet to try reusable menstrual products but I’d really love to. I feel guilty every time I flush a cardboard tampon tube or toss out a plastic-backed pad, so I think it’s time to try something more sustainable.

  20. I think every menstruator should give reusables a try, even if she doesn’t think she’ll like them. I didn’t switch to save money, reduce waste, or improve my health, even though those are all good reasons. I did it because I developed an allergy to disposables and had no choice but to look into alternatives, and, to be honest, I wasn’t thrilled at the prospect.

    BUT, I completely fell in love with cloth pads! They are vastly more comfortable, to the point that they don’t feel any different from regular underwear, and there is no “pad odor”, which I’d actually come to think of as a byproduct of my period. They’re more reliable, in that I can’t run out, and I can get the exact size/shape and absorbency to suit my needs, eliminating leaks and maximizing convenience. Plus they come in so many styles and colors that it’s more fun to use cloth than plain white disposables that are essentially “one size fits all”. Without the stink, discomfort, inconvenience, and failures of disposables, I don’t hate my period anymore!

  21. My main reason for loving and adoring my reusable menstrual cup is that it is comfortable and convenient for me. No more wedging bits of cotton in my nether regions or dangling strings! Sure, I also love saving money, saving landfill space and learning more about my body and its natural rhythms – but the bottom line is that if it wasn’t more user-friendly for my vagina I wouldn’t be doing it. As it is, happily cupping for three years now and converting anyone who will listen! (Never tried cloth pads but if they are to disposables what a cup is to a tampon – sign me up!!)

  22. I switched to a divacup out of curiosity and out of being fed up with disposable pads…now, I use that almost exclusively for my periods, but in-between am still using disposable pantiliners for everyday stuff. i really want to switch to reusable pads/pantiliners, because i cringe each day when i throw away my pantiliner! So much unnecessary waste, and also so much MONEY. jeesh. seems overly simple to me; the question is, why WOULDNT anyone want to switch??? really.

  23. 10 reasons to switch to cloth menstrual pads……

    1- cloth pads are eco friendly ad help reduce your footprint on the earth

    2- cloth pads are cheaper in the long run than disposables

    3- cloth pads can be designed to meet your individual needs unlike the plastic mass produced supermarket pads

    4- cloth pads are gentler and softer against your body

    5- cloth pads cater for individual tastes in fabric choices and design

    6- cloth pads are not at all hard to wash or care for with modern washing machines

    7- cloth pads are convenient with no more midnight dashes to the store

    8- cloth pads promote the acceptability of a womens menstruation cycle

    9- cloth pads are a wonderful way to introduce your daughter to a special time in her life

    10- cloth pads are a great way to share the love and support many of the wahms out there

    sometimes the prettiest things i wear each month are my cloth pads….they make me feel very feminine and special because i know that i handpicked each and every one of the cloth pads in my stash….i believe that by spreading the word and using the cloth alternative we are bringing ourselves back to mother nature and celebrating our bodies with the respect they deserve!

  24. I cloth diapered my son because of constant diaper rash and chemicals in disposable diapers. I also felt guilty creating more diaper trash daily than 2 weeks of regular trash. Then I figured, shouldn’t I be concerned about my body too, even though I wore disposable pads or tampons just ‘once a month’? But that week or so really adds to the landfill. I gave cloth pads a whirl. I wish I had switched sooner. They come in lots great prints and fabrics, are easy to wash, and save money. Who needs uncomfortable disposable papery pads? Unless traveling or far from washing facilities, most women sure don’t. Even the girly bits need spoiled!

  25. I plan to switch to cloth pads because I never liked the feel or smell of disposable pads nor were they absorbent enough. I found they were too long for days and too short for nights, so I love that you are able to custom the size of cloth pads and liners to fit what you need. I also love the cute patterns you can get which are not available with disposables, plus not adding to the waste is great for the environment, which is an excellent plus.

  26. I think all women should use reusable menstrual products because not only is it better for the earth but it is also better for their bodies. Most women don’t seem to realise it but reusable products are more comfortable than disposable pads and tampons. They are also cheaper in the long run. Finally, cloth pads are so pretty, why use boring old disposable pads?
    I hope to see the day when reusable menstrual products are mainstream.

  27. I will admit the economic and health benefits are attractive…but the main reason I am in the process of switching to reusable products is that the idea of entire landfills full of pads, tampons, and diapers is utterly revolting.

  28. Well, I have no incredibly deep answer.
    I like that there is the green aspect, and that they pay for themselves eventually.
    But the main reason I’m all for cloth pads is because my Mum is going through hell lately with uterine fibroids and hitting menopause. So I’m making her pads just to try to make it more comfortable and help her feel better. Since I can’t be there to help in person, it’s just a little thing I can try to do to help.

  29. I used cloth after giving birth. The hospital gave me disposables, which hurt my tear and just made me feel like I was wallowing in my own blood. The cloth at home was cherry (thanks to the pattern of the fabric), comfortable (since it wasn’t plastic) and didn’t stick to me or my tear. I just felt so much more human, as opposed to some sort of weird “Shark Week” episode.

    I’ve been using cloth for my cycles since they came back after birth and I’ve discovered that my cycles are lighter, shorter, not nearly as crampy (pre-pregnancy I needed 2-3 Aleve in the first 2-3 days, now I need nothing at all), and just much more fun to experience. I love the discreetness in the restrooms, there’s no trash in the garbage or landfills, I know how they’re made and since I wash them, that there’s no weirdness going in. Our little one is cloth diapered and it’s just awesome to know that we’re not putting any more junk in the landfill like diapers and pads/tampons. I really wish I had switched sooner, but hey; better late than never!

    I used to hate getting my period, now I kind of look forward to it. Thanks, cloth!

  30. I am new to cloth for me, but have used cloth diapers for my kiddos….when seeing how to sew my own pads online, I figured if it was good enough for my babies, it’s good enough for me! I sewed a bunch of my own and not looked back! I have also been asked to sew some up for my mom for occasional incontinance!!

    I would LOVE the sample pack, as I have FOUR girls (ages 8 and under) that will be getting their cycles soon (I got my first at age 10) and I would love to show them how to save money, save the environment AND be comfortable at the same time!

    My only regret: That I didn’t know about these 23 years ago!

  31. I was the epitome of a consumer. I bought and trashed anything and everything without one care for whether in the long run these “things” would make me really happy, not to mention sparing a thought for the environment!

    But then I developed a skin allergy to perfumes and dyes in soap, shampoo and other commercial type cleaning products. I really didn’t think anything of it for a while until it started to affect my ability to wear menstrual products. Imagine the agony! Itchy, scratchy, swollen and generally very unhappy nether regions clued me in that something was seriously wrong!

    In my search for a hypo-allergenic alternative to chlorine bleached tampons and plastic pads I discovered the medical grade silicone cups!

    Cups are great! But they don’t always do the trick, you know? Backup is sometimes necessary and cloth pads/liners were the only logical choice after the numerous severely uncomfortable experiences with my new found allergy to the nonsense they put in the average pad/tampon.

    Unfortunately after my numerous failed attempts at creating my own cloth liners I have fallen to searching to purchase and this particular contest caught my attention.

    I’m proud to say that this one little allergy, that no longer plagues my life due to some of the changes I’ve made, has really opened my eyes to the type of issues that those disposable pads and tampons can cause the environment. To think, if those chemicals did such horrible things to me, what is it doing to mother nature leaching into the soil as it sits in a landfill?! I’ve switched to a green-er lifestyle. No more paper towels, plastic grocery bags or even chemically laden household cleaners. My cat even has natural and organic food, litter and toys that are created here at home instead of in a factory.

    Thankfully these small and almost insignificant changes in my daily lifestyle have kept me from experiencing one itch from the perfume and dyes that are widely used in disposable products. I’m a happy convert to a more fulfilling (both in my personal life and my wallet) and happy life. I don’t even miss being a super-consumer!

    To all of you lovely ladies out there who have made the switch, congrats to you! You’re doing great, and keep up the hard work getting the word out about the alternatives!

  32. Despite all the environmental and economic benefits of cloth pads, I would have to say that my favourite reason for using them is that they are so body positive. I remember the shame of getting my period for the first time, and how much I hated the pads — buying them, using them, disposing of them. Now when my cloth pads come in the mail, my 3 daughters are so excited to see them! They’re still young, but I look forward to the day when they can choose their own pads, based on their own tastes, and have something pretty that will help them feel positive about their path to womanhood. Cloth pads are a celebration of our period, a celebration of our womanhood!

  33. I use a mooncup, and use cloth pads for those light days when I don’t want to bother with a menstrual cup.

    First, cups are great. A cup isn’t any less disgusting than a tampon to use (let’s get real this is no picnic) but at least I don’t get leakage any more. Also, I no longer open my purse to look for a pen only to have an explosion of tampons fall out.

    Second, disposable pads are the worst. I always hated them. It’s like wearing a disposable diaper or even worse a grocery bag between your legs. You walk around with that infernal plastic swish-swish sound/feeling, and I don’t have to tell you how cloying these can be in the summer. Who wants that? I’d rather have some soft breathable cloth against my skin.

    Sure we all can get behind the obvious environmental benefits, but for me the comfort factor wins by a landslide!

  34. I have been using reusable menstual produts for just over a year now, finally a reason for girls to get excited about getting their period. I use HBC and would take them continually for 3 months to avoid my period. Now I don’t bother I just let my cycle take it’s course. I only wish that someone would have told me the benifits of such great products. We are saving our environment and our bodies, I can’t think of anything better. I just want to say congratulations to all the ladies here who decided to break away from the norm, and discover something that is a healthier choice for us and our Earth.

  35. Hands down because I don’t want the toxins touching my body! Not only is it earth friendly but it’s also more friendly on my wallet. About 10 months ago I had my 4th son & being recently divorced & trying to make ends meet I thought I would give cloth diapers a try, I fell absolutely in love with them! Then I figured I use cloth diapers on my baby why am I pampering him & not pampering myself? That was when I bought my first pads a 3 pack that have been overly used & are in not so great of shape I can’t afford more so I’m trucking along hoping they dont fall apart on me! Every woman should take charge of what she is putting in & on her body & enjoy the benefits of cloth! (

  36. I want to switch to lunapads because I feel really comfortable and empowered handling my own menstrual blood. I used to think it was gross, but after buying one reusable pad as a present for myself one time, I’ve realized how easy and natural it is to use them and how terrible disposables really are for our health and our planet. When I think about the plastics, bleach and wasted materials that go into landfills just so women can use “normal”, “accepted” menstrual products, it makes me really sad. I’m a college student living off of student loans who is moving in with her partner and building a future together, and I feel that having pads that are durable, natural, and CUTE would be really fantastic, save me money, and help me feel empowered in a (straight) man’s world.

  37. Ever since the poisoned dog food came out of China, I have been very aware of what is made in China. It is getting down right scary how my shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, medicines, everything I rely on daily is being outsourced to 3rd world countries. Recently I decided to “stock up” on my feminine products for the inevitable day that they are also sent off shore for production.

    Then YESTERDAY I read about cloth pads (for the first time) in a mom’s group and I have spent most of the last 24 hours researching costs of pre-made, costs of materials, patterns, styles, I am excited!

    I would love to win premade ones, but in the meantime, I’m gonna sew what I can!

    I have 2 weeks to get my first ones done and then give them a test run!

    My only concern is where do I buy the fabric?? Luckily, I have some older fabric that I’m sure was made here but last Saturday, I was at our local fabric store, and every piece of fabric I touched was made in China. Sigh.

    Thanks for having the contest!!

  38. Some great reasons! These opened my eyes to reusable pads, especially for my daughter. I have been consciously open about menstruation with my kids, in hopes it won’t be seen as disgusting to my daughter or sons, and from what I have read, these pads could help. Thanks for all the comments.

    Rather than vie for the sample pack, I would like to lend my support to the teenager trying to sew her own.

  39. I think women should use reusable menstrual products for a multitude of reasons:

    The most obvious reason that most would cite would be the benefit to the environment. Tampons and pads clog our landfills and water filtration plants. All disposable products are over-packaged, which, if paper, waste tree resources, and if plastic, emit toxins during manufacturing. This wasteful over-packaging is only to disguise the fact that disposable menstrual products are not sterile.

    Which leads me in to reason #2. Things just feel cleaner with reusable products. The cotton allows our bodies to breathe, the cup has no pesky string or leaks, and we can completely ensure our products are perfectly clean in between uses. While most women barely look at a tampon before insertion, with reusables can take as much time and energy as we need to make sure that these products are clean and sterile before we bring them so close to our most intimate areas.

    Taking special care in our menstruation instead of treating it like a nuisance leads to empowering feelings for female-bodied users. I, for one, was so shocked to learn that my diva cup was barely 1/4 full overnight at my most heavy flow! Normally with tampons I would be leaking every hour. Now I am proud and knowledgeable of my own body and I have reusable menstrual products largely to thank for that. I no longer think my period is gross or dirty. It is a natural thing that deserves only the best care, and part of that care is pride in our menstrual products.

  40. I have been using a Diva Cup for about a year and a half now, and I love it so so so much. It has seriously changed my life. In the past I used to dread my period, but now I actually kind of look forward to it. During this time period though, I have had a couple of UTIs at unfortunate times which make it very uncomfortable to use my cup. I’ve had to resort to disposable pads in these moments, and let me tell you – I was quickly reminded why I used to hate my period! Ultimately, I would love to have cloth pads available for times when I can’t (or just plain don’t want to) use my cup.

    Since I’ve started using reusable menstrual products, I have learned so much more about my body. For example – I had never known that the cervix moved! It simply didn’t occur to me, and when I wasn’t using a cup I had no reason to have ever learned it. I used to just wait until I started bleeding, but in the past year and a half I have learned to interpret the signs my body gives me and have learned to anticipate when my period will start and stop, which has really been a huge benefit. I used to be grossed out by the concept of bleeding out of my vagina for five days every month, but I have truly learned to love it and respect it.

    I spent about $40 one time on my cup, which sounds expensive, but it was so worth it. In 18 months I’d have spent far more than $40 on disposable tampons and pads – and on top of the money spent, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now. I take pride in knowing that I’m taking a step toward reducing the number of disposable menstrual products that take up space in landfills. I’m dealing with my cycle in a clean, natural way and doing my part in reducing the amount of unnecessary garbage we produce.

    I think that the cost is what drives many women away from reusable products. If we were able to lower the one-time cost of reusable menstrual products, I think many more women would be willing to try them. I think a fear, or rather a misunderstanding, of the female body and menstrual cycle also plays a part in the reason why many women still use disposable tampons and pads. Many women are squeamish about their own menstrual fluids and do not want to have to collect the blood in any way – they might risk touching it when dealing with a cup, or when washing cloth pads. I hope that if we can continue to spread the knowledge about reusable options, women will learn to love their bodies (including all the fluids produced) rather than fear them.

    Children are still several years off in my future, but if I ever have a daughter I plan to introduce her to menstrual cups and reusable pads (such as Lunapads) from the get-go. She will know about disposable options, but I would prefer to make sure reusable products are available to her as soon as she hits menses. I went through ten years of not fully understanding or appreciating my body and what it has to offer, and I don’t want my daughter to feel the same way. In those ten years, I produced a good amount of waste that wasn’t needed. I hope to teach my daughter to respect her body and respect our planet, and to use reusable menstrual products as soon as she is able.

  41. I have decided to switch to reusable menstrual products because I have recently spent far too much time in contact with other women’s used pads and tampons. Let me explain. I work for a little non-profit studying trash in our local river and that means I spend a lot of time elbow deep in other people’s trash. The only thing worse than pulling yet another used tampon or water-logged used pad out of the river is watching your grandfatherly co-worker puzzling over a discarded disposable pad wrapper before deciding it must be “some new kind of fancy food wrapper.” Oy. Reducing the amount of trash generated becomes really important when you have to pick it up for a living. And did I mention spending a lot of time in contact with mucky trash? I don’t need to be putting any more dubious chemicals and strange fibers near sensitive regions! Also, this kind of work doesn’t pay very much and I hate to throw away pads I just bought with hard earned cash. Much better to spend that money on something I can use again. We may live in a disposable culture, but that doesn’t mean we have to throw away our health or our money on single use items each month.

  42. I recently started making my own pads. I wanted to do something ‘green’ and decrease my own carbon footprint. There’s also just something about being ‘naturale’ that is very appealing to me. So far, my experience with reusable pads has been pleasing and has come with the satisfaction of having actually accomplished something that makes an ecological, planetary impact. I have had no issues with leaking and that wet, sweaty, gross feeling is gone. That is a major plus! The cost savings has been great as well!

  43. I want to switch because I’m a broke college student,tampons get expensive,they dry me out,and disposables are horrible for the environment .
    I switched to non-applicator tampons a year ago, they are a little cheaper and have so much less packaging.But, its time for a change.
    I really don’t like plastic pads and have been allergic to too many brands.There is just so much wrapping and I always feel like I’m wearing a diaper. I hate having to find a place to dispose of the pad and its wrapper.
    At night I will just put on a pair of ugly underwear and free-bleed. Its messy but I wake up so much more comfortably than waking up with a drenched plastic cold pad.
    I don’t mind using tampons exclusively, I just feel so dry after. I don’t like the possibly-toxic fibers they leave behind either.
    help a girl out!

  44. Cloth pads are more comfortable. Period. Granted, doing my bit to help the environment is gratifying but I think what I like most about cloth pads is that I never have to worry about chafing again.

  45. I never thought about the possibility of being allergic to disposable pads until I read some of the comments! I would love to try cloth pads for all of the health and environmental reasons.

  46. I use a Diva Cup and washable pads, and have done so for about five years now. My husband is in charge of household laundry, and he’s never once complained about folding and putting away my pads!

    I feel so great, thinking of the small mountain of waste I *havent* put in the landfill over the last sixty-or-so cycles. Not to mention all of the dioxins I *haven’t* put into my body.

    I have several knitting patterns for washable pads that I’ll be trying when I can afford more yarn money, but in the meantime, it would be nice to restock my supply. Haven’t bought new supplies in five years now, and while none of my stash has worn out, several have gone the way of single socks everywhere. Who knows, maybe the sock stealing monster has periods, too?

  47. Why didn’t somebody tell me this before??!!!

    I don’t mean to complain, but honestly, I am a middle aged well educated mother of 3….would it really have been so difficult?

    I went green. I recycle. I bring all my bags to the grocery store with me. I buy yogurt in the quart tub. I walk when I can. I turn off the light when I leave the room.

    Would it really have been so hard for someone to say, “Hey, there are alternatives. Have you heard of…. Have you tried this?” I have watch Matt, Al, Merideth and Ann recycle reduce and reuse for a year now. They have redone my house, my car, my pets and my childrens lunchbox. I have watched Diane, Robin, Sam and Chris correct my paper bills to electronic, stop junk mail, and recycle my old computer parts.

    Any one of them could have said “Hey, look at this, a diva cup!” (particularly Diane…she can say anything…). Or how about “Disposable pads and tampons? What are they thinking? Wow, look at these fabrics…they are gorgeous!”

    So here I sit….a 40 year old brand new cup convert. Thinking about how much more comfortable those cloth pads must be than “the old way” (isn’t that an ironic statement?). Picturing in my mind’s eye my daughter, headed to health class, and hearing her ask the teacher “What about cloth pads and a cup? That is the way you are supposed to take care of yourself AND Mother Earth…”

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